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G-6 Single Contact Bayonet Lamps
EiKO’s line of original equipment indicator and accent lamps are designed for long and reliable performance. Manufactured to exacting standards, they feature top quality components and are guaranteed to perform like the original. Our metal-based lamps also feature an industry-first, nickel-plated brass base which prevents corrosion and ensures performance. Additionally, each and every lamp is quality tested before it leaves the factory.
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Products in "G-6 Single Contact Bayonet Lamps"
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Number of Records
ITEM NODescBulbBaseVoltsWatts
1155 13.5V .59A G-6 SC Bayonet Base G-6SC Bayonet (BA15s)13.5 
1251 28V .23A G-6 SC Bayonet Base G-6SC Bayonet (BA15s)28 
303 28V .3A G-6 SC Bayonet Base G-6SC Bayonet (BA15s)28 
5007 12V .42A G-6 SC Bayonet Base G-6SC Bayonet (BA15s)12 
5008 12V .83A G-6 SC Bayonet Base G-6SC Bayonet (BA15s)1210
623 28V .37A G-6 SC Bayonet Base G-6SC Bayonet (BA15s)28 
63 7V .63A G-6 SC Bayonet Base G-6SC Bayonet (BA15s)7 
631 14V .63A G-6 SC Bayonet Base G-6SC Bayonet (BA15s)14 
81 6.5V 1.02A G-6 SC Bayonet Base G-6SC Bayonet (BA15s)6.5 
97A 13.5V .69A/G-6 SC Bay Base (Painted amber) G-6SC Bayonet (BA15s)13.5 
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